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“Trigger Finger” screening April 10th in Los Angeles

LA friends:

Come see my movie!

“Trigger Finger” is a full-length micro-budget feature in which I play one of the two leads. There’s a screening on April 10th at 9pm. I would be honored if you were to attend.

Here’s the trailer:

Location and reservations:

Reservations required. Admission is free. There will be a Q&A with the filmmakers and cast afterwards.

Thanks for your support!


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“Trigger Finger” screening in LA in April

I’m in a movie!

Here’s the trailer.

Check here for upcoming screenings and info.

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Where I’ve been

So things are starting to pick up here in sunny Los Angeles.

  • I’ll be appearing on the new Comedy Central series “Jon Benjamin Has a Van” this summer, playing an Alien Prosecutor on Episode 4.
  • The film “Trigger Finger”, in which I play one of the two leads, will finish post-production soon, hopefully appearing in a festival or two and on Netflix by the end of the year.
  • Also, check out “First Time Therapy”, a comedy short starring myself and fellow Groundlings classmate Katie Elsaesser.

Some highlights of my first year in LA:

  • I booked 36% of my auditions.
  • I shot six student projects (mostly USC).
  • I signed with a theatrical agent.
  • I advanced to “Writing Lab” at the Groundlings.
  • I joined SAG.

Not too shabby.

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