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I’ll be on “How I Met Your Mother” this Monday!

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (season premiere!)
Episode 901: “The Locket”
Monday, September 23
8/7c on CBS

I’m back on CBS in October, too, with a brief appearance on the new sitcom “We Are Men”. Playing, as usual, a blond guy.

Episode 103: “We Are One Night Stands”
Mondays in October (Date TBA)
8:30/7:30c on CBS

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Much television

Shot an episode of FX’s “Anger Management” this week, and next week I’ll be shooting another sitcom: “Love that Girl” on TV One.

My episode of “Wilfred” airs next week: Thursday, June 27 @ 10:30pm on FX. (Episode 304: “Sincerity”)

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Appearing on “Wilfred” June 27

Watch me on the TV!

Episode 304: “Sincerity”
Thursday, June 27

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Not scary after all!

These are the breaks. I just got word from the casting director at “American Horror Story” that they cut my scene from next week’s episode. I’ll still get paid, I just won’t get credit (or be on TV). So it goes. I had a blast working on the show, and now that my scene won’t air, it means I could be on it again as someone else!

Onward and upward. Thanks everyone for your support.

Also, Happy Thanksgiving!


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Look out! I’m going to be a co-star* on “American Horror Story,” one of the best new TV shows this season. I couldn’t be happier.

American Horror Story
Episode 9: “Spooky Little Girl”
Wednesday, November 30th, 2011
10pm on FX

Be warned, this is a scary frickin’ show.

*”co-star” = “very small part”

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This week on Comedy Central…

I’m gonna be on the TV this week.

Wednesday, June 22, 10:30pm
Comedy Central
Jon Benjamin Has a Van
Episode 104 “Star Door”: Jon, Leo and Nathan have to stand alien trial in outerspace after the the van gets into an intergalactic wreck through a “star door” into another dimension.

I’m the alien prosecutor.

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Where I’ve been

So things are starting to pick up here in sunny Los Angeles.

  • I’ll be appearing on the new Comedy Central series “Jon Benjamin Has a Van” this summer, playing an Alien Prosecutor on Episode 4.
  • The film “Trigger Finger”, in which I play one of the two leads, will finish post-production soon, hopefully appearing in a festival or two and on Netflix by the end of the year.
  • Also, check out “First Time Therapy”, a comedy short starring myself and fellow Groundlings classmate Katie Elsaesser.

Some highlights of my first year in LA:

  • I booked 36% of my auditions.
  • I shot six student projects (mostly USC).
  • I signed with a theatrical agent.
  • I advanced to “Writing Lab” at the Groundlings.
  • I joined SAG.

Not too shabby.

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