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Turn on the TV

More news!

After months of quiet, things exploded in June and July. I booked small parts on three sitcoms: “Anger Management,” “Love That Girl,” and “How I Met Your Mother”!

Also, my “Wilfred” episode aired in June. You can see my 15 seconds here:

My episode of “How I Met Your Mother” airs September 23 on CBS. Yeah it’s only the season premiere. Of the final season.

Who’s got two thumbs and IMDB credits? This guy.

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New reel

I’ve got a new reel. Sweet.

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It’s official

Sun, surf, parking tickets. I now live in Los Angeles. To find: swimsuit, agent, improv group to play with.

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changes to the Showcase Code

You might know that Equity is re-evaluating the Showcase Code.  I’m on the subcommittee, so if you’re an actor (Equity or not) who works regularly under the Showcase Code and you’d like your voice heard, here’s one way:  Drop me an email at  What about the Code works for you?  What doesn’t?  How could it serve the needs of Off-Off-Broadway actors better?

(Of course, the best way to be heard is to participate in your union. Call Equity and say you want to be on the Off-Off-Broadway committee. Easy as that.)

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